If you’re looking for a game to waste time on and have some fun, this a great one.  The game is called BombSquad.  It’s a multiplayer game but there is a campaign so you don’t always need other people for it do be fun.  It’s not a generic first person shooter, it is very unique in that all the character and level models were made from clay and put in.  It is physics based which makes it way more fun than if it weren’t.

You add extra players using Android, Amazon or iOS devices with the BombSquad Remote.  You can also use Wiimotes, PS3, and XBox 360 controllers, or gamepads like the SteelSeries Free controller.

I love this game. I was playing it all day today with four other people and at one time it was up to seven players, though the game goes up to eight by default (you can change player limit to any number).

It is available on four platforms, Ouya, Mac, Amazon and Android.

Lastly, Merry Thanks Giving 🙂 and thanks for reading.  Check back soon.