Mini Blender

This is my second greatest creation!
It is a “functional” blender. The “blades” spin but it can’t cut anything (could hurt a finger though), it’s just for show unfortunately. I could probably try blending fingers. The glass bottle on top can be unscrewed and since the base was a container it can also be unscrewed for easy access of the wires and stuff on the inside. Somehow, everyone’s first instinct was to put their finger in while it was turned on.
Anyway, this was a late Birthday present for one of my best friends.

I made this with:
-Hotel ketchup bottle
-Quad-copter motor
-Switch from and old remote controller
-Duct tape
-Soldering iron

The first thing I did was take the cap off the ketchup bottle and drill a hole for the motor to be glued into position with epoxy. I took the top off the container and used a soldering iron to melt two holes (I know, not what it’s for but I did use it properly when repurposing the switch). The first hole was for the motor and it’s wires to go through which were glued in place. The second hole was for the switch which I also glued into place. For the base, I cut the top and bottom off the container, glued them together and glued another strip of plastic from it over the seam. Someone thought the base was a toy already made like that. Just taking credit for my craftsmanship haha. I had a couple failed attempts of the base before this but it all worked out. I wired everything on the inside of the cap of the container and used the greatest tool in existence, duct tape, to hold all the wires where they should be. I did everything myself except for drilling the hole.

Yeah, that’s it, I’m done rambling. Thank you so much for reading my inconsistent writing pieces, check back (sometime) soon.