How to Root a Kindle

Root almost means the same as jailbreak if it’s any help.  It gives you admin privileges and also gives access to system functions.

So, my first tablet was (is) a Kindle Fire HD (2012).  I do not like the lack of customization, and the inability to use the Google Play Store.  So, what I did was root my kindle and install Android 4.4.  It took a while, but it was actually not hard.

Here’s the video I used to root my Kindle.   I’m unsure if this works on all Kindles but it worked for my Kindle Fire HD.

To download, just search “key root master” online and it should come up.  I will try to upload one.  If you can’t find one in english, I did it in Russian so you should be fine as long as you follow the video.

There are other ways but this is the easiest as far as I can tell.  Here is the original developer site, but it is in Chinese (use google chrome to translate)    – It says “support thousands of models” (of androids) but I am not sure it does.  It also says it has a tool to remove the root.


Thanks for reading, check back soon for the next part, “Installing a Second Bootloader”.