Neptune Suite

Here is the Neptune Suite, an Android powered smartwatch that has some very innovative features.  It got about a million dollars in funding from their $100,000 goal and then got an extension for another month.  I emailed the company with a lot of questions but have not gotten answers.  Here is the reply to my email.


Thank you for contacting Neptune customer care!

I don’t have answers to many of your questions but am looking into it! I will get back to you as soon as I have more information.

I appreciate your patience!


Signing off,

Team Neptune

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The video pretty much explains everything you need to know about the device except a few things.  For people who can’t watch the video, the main feature of the Neptune Suite is having all the necessary components to run android on your wrist.  This is great because then if the “pocket screen” (the smartphone sized wireless display) or any of the other devices gets stolen, no personal files or information is lost.  Then you also are able to have all your stuff accessible from a 5in screen, a 10in screen with an optional keyboard or any HDMI display using the dongle.  The keyboard can connect to the dongle as well.  The wacth can send and recieve calls, and messages and other stuff.  The video shows the “pocket screen” being swiped over the watch and the screen turning on.

One of the things they didn’t show in the video was the wireless earbuds called “Neptune Necklace”.  They look amazing and I really like that the two earbuds snap together to actually make a necklace.  The thing that really interested me about the earbuds is that they double as a charging cable.  One of the screens can be plugged into the earbud as well as the watch to charge the watch.  Up to three devices can be plugged into the necklace to charge all including the earbuds at the same time using one power outlet.

neptune necklace

neptune charging

Now for the performance specs.  It has a 1.8GHz Snapdragon 801 processor which is quite good, especially for a watch.   The storage is 64GB. The RAM is not said which was one of my questions and here are the rest of the specs, sorry for anyone who can’t read this.

neptune suite specs

Overall the Neptune Suite has an innovative design and some great things going for it besides having everything you need on your wrist but it still has a long to go, mostly because the expected release is February 2016.  The campaign ends in 9 days, and you can get the Neptune Suite for $649 (save $250 off final retail price), reserve it for $199 (save $150) or $25 (save $75), or buy just the watch and earbuds for $400.  Final retail price is expected to be $899.  Thanks for reading, check back soon.

P.S. May the fourth be with you.  I know it’s a little late.