Pacman Art

I finished drawing a cover image for my presentation in computer class.  It is a picture of the Pacman “maze” with a changed perspective using Gimp and a poorly drawn logo.  The score is over 9000!  Way over, but it probably should be higher assuming you get about 3000-5000 points per level and it’s on level 109 (the game goes to level 255).  Nerd stuff, anyway.

Pretty bad huh?  No just kidding, I like the logo and the tilt but the maze was supposed to be 3D but I had to finish the assignment soon.  I was also going to give Pacman arms and legs.

I’ve got another similar assignment that I have to do for my own game, so lots of new REALMS concept art, yay!  The presentation requires characters, environments, music/sound effects and level goals.  Suggestions are welcome for any of these.  Are any of you having problems viewing the image? Especially the ones on mobile devices, I can’t tell.  Thanks for reading, check back soon.