Long time no post. REALMS main character.

It’s been a while, wow!  First off, I want to welcome the 11 new site users, HI!  The first nine of you subscribed all within four days.  The last (but not least) of the elven, sorry, eleven (I’ve been watching Lord of the Rings) signed up after that.  I haven’t officially welcomed any other members *facepalm*, sorry.

WELCOME EVERYBODY!!!awkward smileHehe.  Now on to news about REALMS…

Commodore Jack Bakonn

This is a drawing of the main character of my upcoming game REALMS, Commodore Jack Bakkon (fancy and also bacon).  This excerpt was taken from my assignment for the class, “This name reflects the game because he is a space captain and commodore is a fancy word for captain. The purpose of this character is to save the galaxy from the evil force and definitely make some profit. The problem is that this character is a genocidal maniac who eats endangered species and has the worst conscience.”

I’ve been able to continue my work on REALMS without my laptop but at a slower pace.  Here are the base skills at the start of the game.  The final product might be run down because I might have to use an older game engine and I have a thirty day time period once I start the trial of the game engine.

Strength: Increases melee damage and max carrying weight and faster movement speed with large weapons.

 Intelligence: Increases experimenting abilities with creating technology and with chemicals. Also increases speed and strength in hacking.

Speed: Increases speed and agility/dodging.

Focus: Increases ranged weapon DPS (damage per second), accuracy and decreases recoil on all guns.

There will hopefully be enough time to add some extra hidden skill sets, spoiler super powers.  If you would like to draw your own take on this character and put a link to it in the comments that would be great. I was thinking about drawing a girl variant, tell me if you want this or if you could draw it.

Sorry if this post was poorly written, I’m in a rush.  Thanks for reading, check back soon!