Working on a game

Lately, I’ve been busy working on a design for a videogame that I’m making for an online course. I meant to post sooner about the course but… Anyway, the course is on in courses –> computer science.  It is a top-down (maybe I’ll change it to the 3D) space sim with 3D planet exploration.  Here is the “story”:

“Commander, we’re going under! The engines can’t take the strain, the black hole is sucking us in!” Vwoomp… BOOM!.. The black hole somehow dumped you in a nearly unexplored galaxy in another dimension. The player’s general goals are to defeat the malevolent force in the universe, get to the center of the galaxy and get back to your own dimension. The game is meant to be a sandbox space-exploration, so the player can just free roam the universe and do whatever they want.

On a side note, someone I know also writes a blog called “The Teenage Maker“.  He writes about DIY stuff he does, mostly Lego Mindstorm but he recently made an ARC Welder, he should call it “the ARC Caster”.  Thanks for reading, check back soon.