Science Fair Update

I just looked at my last post, it was almost 10 days ago!  I am so sorry for not posting.  I’ve been really busy with school and I’m five weeks into the 3rd quarter, halfway!  Anyway the purpose of this post is, I got into territorial science fair with my project!  I think it was kind of by default though as there were almost no sophomores or even high schoolers for that matter that did science fair.  Most took to NHD because they thought it would be easier and it had a later deadline.  I would have done both but I’m lazy.

I changed my project from “How to Promote Technology with a Blog” to “How to Promote a Blog”.  I have to go through and make the changes the judges from my school told me to make.  I’ve changed much of it but still needs more.

Thanks for reading and check back soon.