I-Novae Engine

Before you start thinking this might be an actual game, it’s a video game engine made by I-Novae studios for terrain generation, rendering and a bunch of other stuff.  I thought maybe this would be the 3D version of VoidSpace but it’s just the engine though there may be a game in development called Infinity: Battlescape (multiplayer space battle in a to-scale solar system) with it.

This is not my video.

It’s unsure when or even if this game will come out and they hope to start a Kickstarter soon, but as you can see from the site, not much has happened.  I have not yet seen a game with this engine.  In the meantime of waiting for the Battlescape we can still play awesome space sims like Space Engineers, Limit Theory (free, maybe) and X Rebirth.

Thanks for reading, I will try to post tomorrow, it will be automated.  Check back soon.