VoidSpace: A 2D Universe


I don’t think I could say anything better about it with that amazing preview video.  It’s been a while since I posted about a game.  When I saw this I thought the game would be an amazing, innovative, 3D, MMO.  Maybe three months later, I came across this video and it turns out it’s just an amazing, innovative, 2D, MMO.

You can test the single-player demo but if you want to play multiplayer you have to pay at least $35.  You can also get 300 Dogecoins (virtual money like Bitcoin) for each referral you get from the referral link after signing up on the site.

Here is the >single player version<

[EDIT: I wrote about I-Novae Engine which is similar to VoidSpace and also about a game called >>No Man’s Sky<< which blows those two out of the water!]

Thanks for reading, check back soon!