Run OS X on an External Hard Drive

My computer setup over this past  Christmas break is kind of complicated to explain.  I have an old Mac Mini 2010 that lost power to the internal hard drive so it could not boot into OS X.  Just because the internal hard drive wouldn’t work didn’t mean that it could not boot at all.  The reason it broke was because we were replacing the old hard drive with an SSD (solid state drive) but then the power attachment was disconnected.  Anyway, getting off-topic, I used a program to make a bootable backup of the computer.  Now here I am, running OS X on my Transcend 1TB external hard drive.

SuperDuper!SuperDuper! (yes, exclamation included)

There are other ways of doing this (making a bootable backup), but I prefer this above others because of it’s simplicity and ease.  Even if you can’t figure it out yourself you can still follow my short tutorial.  It is free or you can pay $27.95 to support them and get a few extra features.  There is a catch to the free version though, you can copy a maximum of about 5.3 gigabytes (Not sure this is fixed by buying it).

Tutorial :SuperDuper!

First select the disk you want to copy from.  Then select the disk you want to copy to (this one will be erased before copying).  Finally select “backup all files” if not already. Press start . This may take a while, maybe an hour or two.

The image on top is not mine, it’s from Lifehacker on a similar post using a different program.  Thanks for reading, check back soon.


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